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We went Explicit

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Rocky and AdrienneLook out, hide the kids cause Jake lets the foul language fly. I would normal cut it out but it is great because it gets his point across and well I liked it. So this episode where we talk Rocky will be unique and epic in the history of movie noobie. We also talk some current oscar winners and do everything we can to keep Jake from breaking out into song. This is a long one and you should stay for the last part after the outro.


Where are the subtitles

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Dances with WolvesSo yes I know it’s late and the Oscars are over but I blame Jake for making me go through and clean his cursing. Not really. Life sometimes gets in the way, but I have prevailed and so get ready for three straight weeks of oscar giants. We start off the trio with Dances with wolves. We recorded this one late on a friday and you can tell everyone is tired. It was also interesting for Giggles as the version she watched was sans subtitles for all of the important non english parts.


A rare jump on the bandwagon

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Gruesome. Bleak. Confused. Terror. Desperate. Brutal.

That is how I would describe The Hunger Games books. And movie. Yes a rare opening day solo treat for me! I debated bringing the 10 yr old but decided she needed to read it first while I scoped out the movie. And while I have been sucked into reality for the past months leaving little time for anything remotely interesting, I must MAKE time to write a quick review.

Yes I jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon. Not something i usually do but Tiana mentioned a 5th grader was reading it and I thought I should check it out in case she wanted to read it. I blasted through all three in no time (I listen while I work) and was easily caught up in the hype. I’m not sure why exactly it’s so popular but I have a few theories.

First – it’s the reality show syndrome. We’ve all seen at least one, maybe even enjoyed it. I read one review that sums up my take on them, explaining that they are just uncomfortable because by nature we generally want to cooperate with one another and reality shows pit the contestants against each other in sometimes very horrible ways. Enter The Hunger Games – an obvious commentary (confirmed by the author) on the twisted part of our nature that find entertainment in the suffering of others. First point concluded: we enjoy reality shows, so of course we will enjoy an ‘in your face’ movie about how we really should enjoy them….part of our desire to see suffering I can only guess. Then again I make it a point to not stare at car accidents when I drive by – I’m all to aware of their suffering and I don’t need to see it.

Second – The reason the story works so well, I think, is because it deals with all the adult themes through a young person’s eyes. They are basically war books for kids. They are intelligent, brilliantly written from a youth POV (as in, the politics/etc are there but largely left to the adults and only vaguely hinted at) and most definitely a commentary on the ‘sickness’ of our culture to enjoy watching the suffering of others (ie reality TV). They are morbid, depressing, have nothing to do with a love triangle and completely a realistic (albeit futruristic) story about teens caught up in war. That being said there is a piece of me somewhere that tells me it’s an important story, especially for teens because it depicts a reality they can’t understand, but could easily be theirs should any sort of disaster (natural or man made) change life as we know it.

I read them b/c it came up at T’s school and I thought I better check them out before giving T the green light. For me it’s like watching the 9/11 documentary every year. Hard to do, unpleasant to experience but none the less important to help understand our world (or the consequence of becoming too desensitized to the horrors of it). And yes, I would let Tiana read the first and second books, but not the third – although I doubt she will want to.

The movie is the same – i typically don’t care for war movies since I have a weak stomach and psyche – but….I guess since it was PG-13 I could handle it. It’s like Private Ryan but for kids….(not that I remember that movie all that well but it felt the same, Jake, Josh – help me out here!). Tiana is more sensitive than me (barely) but as a parent I don’t want her to be desensitized or unaware of how lucky we all are, and that should disaster strike – we can persevere.

And that my friends – got that off my chest *whew*


It’s March but it should be May

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Why your asking do I want it to be May. It’s simple May 4 brings us The Avengers movie and I can’t wait. Yes it will be cheese no I don’t care. I just want to watch it now, and then repeatedly. Why because thats what I do with these kinds of movies. Taking off my shoes and socks I still wouldn’t be able count high enough to tell you how many times I have watched the first Iron Man. same for the second one. Heck I even snuck a Thor line into the new outro for the show. So how can you get pumped up and ready for this well I will be helping with by giving you some animation season from Netflix to watch to get you through the next couple of months. So we might as well start with one that I wasn’t sure if I liked or not, but is definitely at the top of my list in saturday morning entertainment.

Iron Man Armored AdventuresIron Man Armored Adventures (you’re really surprised I started with this one aren’t you) features a young Tony Stark and his dad doing what they love inventing and making the world a better place. But when the plane goes down and Tony is the only survivor. Well lets just say you think you know where this is going. The twist on this one is that Tony, Rhoades, and Pepper are in the same private high school. So yeah they are teens and that is where my initial fear was. I started having this Twilight fear of angst ridden characters. But I was surprised it doesn’t have any of that. They use the school portion of the life to balance Tony. The whole idea of the show being that he wants to avenge his fathers death. He has to graduate though before he gain control back from Stane. Along the way he also takes to the world as Iron Man making sure that the world doesn’t come apart completely.

As with many of the Marvel comics and animated series you get plenty of bleed over from other series, and the occasional episode featuring other characters. I actually thought the hulk episode was good. They did a good variant on Hulk. Which happens on all of the characters. Don’t be fooled this is an alternate reality story line, and because of that many of the characters and plots are different from the ones in the books. So no it’s not in the normal cannon of the character but this started as a what if series. So for just this once let your super hard core fan boy sleep in and watch this with a fresh and open mind.

So Saturday I spent most of the day backing up and rebuilding my home computer. In order to pass the time I was watching my good friend Netflix. I not only found a great show but I watched all of it one day. Now if that isn’t the grounds for me recommending it them I’m not sure what is. The show you must watch, and I mean like right now. No seriously quit reading this and pull up netflix is Weapons Masters.

Okay so for those of you still reading and not believing me here is the premise of the show. Mike Loades Will bring up an ancient weapon at the beginning of the show and explain what it was used for. Then he will challenge the other host Chad Houseknecht to take the weapon and adapt it to the modern times. The best episodes are all of them. But the ones that truly stand out to me are the dueling pistol, the Katana, and the repeating crossbow. That doesn’t mean only watch those three because all of them are amazing. Seriously this show has knowledge transfer to you in how many things work. and while Chad helps you to learn in a very crazy and over the top way. It is perfectly balanced by Mike give you very good material in an easy to understand method. They don’t do a lot of computer generated explanations either. If Chad is explaining why he is using a compressed air tank to reload the string on the cross bow he shows you the actual parts and what they do. Now that’s great because it is something you can see and understand because when you see his final product there are the same parts and you perfectly understand how it works, and what it does.

So lastly in this I know what you parents are going to say, and yes the show is about building weapons. However, don’t just let your kids watch it alone watch it with them. Heck I could believe my eyes when I say Atlatl Bob straighten out a stick over a fire. I mean really you can do that? Use this as an opportunity. While not everything has to be built as a weapon sometimes trying to build things the old way can give you a better understanding of where we get other devices that we use or see everyday. Ponder this how did something like the atlatl which is a weapon used in hunting caveman times lead us to where we are today? With the ability to hunt larger game our ancestors were able to develop writing and audio forms that extend to today. In fact I’m using them right now. How is that for mind blowing?

The OutsidersIt’s that time of year again where we celebrate the birthday of one of the shows noobies. This time it is Giggles turn and she graciously let Jake pick the movie. Or at least that is what you might think if you were to only look at the cast and crew of the movie. In all honesty though Giggles did pick out The Outsiders as the movie we covered. Just to kick it up a notch and make it that much more of a special episode we also have a new intro, outro, and bumpers for most of the sections. You can also this time get a free copy of the movie as Jake realized while we were recording that there was a super directors edition or something like so he is offering up his copy of the movie to the first person starting from today to either leave a comment on this post or a review in iTunes get the movie. he will even pay the shipping.  What a guy!

White Collar

Matt Bomer of White Collar

Okay so let me start by saying that we here at movienoobie don’t condone illegal activities. However, Lately I’ve been loving the con-man TV shows. I’m going to save my absolute favorite for later. Why because it is very good and I want to finish out the rest of the current season. The great part about TV shows on Netflix is that you can often find stuff that is on cable TV without having cable TV. One of the ones that I have enjoyed greatly recently has been White Collar.

So it is the same basic story we have seen before, but it’s the actors that make it work. A con-man in jail is released into the custody of an enforcement officer or agent. In this case an FBI agent. The con-man in this instance is Neil Caffrey played by Matt Bomer, and the FBI Agent is Peter Burke played by Tim DeKay. These two have great chemistry on screen and the overarching story takes all of the first two seasons before it comes to a conclusion. I must say as well that there was a few times where they had some episode cliff hangers that had me second guessing my thoughts as to what was going on.

Ultimately Neil is in the first episode trying to find what happened to the girl he loved she had reappeared while he was in prison and now seems to be working either willingly or un willingly for some unknown person. All Neil has is a photo of the person’s hand and his trusted mentor Mozzie. Mozzie is one of these characters that many shows currently have where they aren’t pat of the main line of actors, but they make the show, and Willie Garson does just that in his portrayal of the character.

They do a great job of not only moving the story of the girlfriend along but also at the same time stopping other crimes and putting art thieves, counterfeiters, and even some corrupt politicians.You can watch the first 2 season on Netflix streaming and the third season is currently airing on USA. So if you want a good crime drama that’s not all based on TV CSI science give this one a shot it is well worth it.


Christmas in February

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Do you still have your Christmas lights up? You know who you are. Still wearing that christmas sweater? Alright that’s me. Still not embracing the New Year? We’ll give you a free week, and shadow not even included. Come celebrate Christmas all over again with us here where we talk about childhood memories, family and all of the dysfunction that comes with a usual podcast.

Taking techniques out of Roman Polanski’s filmmaking techniques in Rosemary’s Baby with lots of doors and hallways always blocking your view as you the audience play the part of camera. Paranormal Activity 3 was once again a little bit of a let down to me personally where I feel like art has gotten away from a studio trying to capitalize on a great idea. Continue reading »


Skylanders Ho!

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If you had asked me if Skylanders would have been a hit, I would have said no. Who on earth can spare the extra money for additional characters for gameplay? Apparently…..us. And I’m not sure how. However the overwhelming popularity in my house was just the tip of the iceberg. Once we had the game with the basic first three characters it was like a fever that had to be quelled. We lasted a couple of weeks at most after the game arrived Christmas morning. Hubby had even brought home 2  3-packs that I convinced him to take back because we just couldn’t afford
it.  Then it started.  No matter where we went or who we called, there was nary a Skylander to be found. ANYWHERE.  For a couple of weeks, hubby and kids scoured the stores at least twice a week trying to grab some before they flew out of the boxes they came in. No, they didn’t even MAKE it to the shelves.  In every store they were no more off the truck before they were sold to some lucky fan.  Again, ask me why and I will tell you I have no idea. Extra money for characters to play in game? Ridiculous!  I suppose this just shows my naivete and inadequate gaming experience.  I am far more excited about Just Dance 3!  However when you can’t even find the dang figures I humbly accept my wrongness.  The world loves the new Spyro game.  My kids and husband – no exception! Even I enjoy watching them play the family friendly, fun. yet challenging game. Latest update – he missed getting Cynder AND Whirlwind by an hour at Gamestop. *Sigh*