White Collar

Matt Bomer of White Collar

Okay so let me start by saying that we here at movienoobie don’t condone illegal activities. However, Lately I’ve been loving the con-man TV shows. I’m going to save my absolute favorite for later. Why because it is very good and I want to finish out the rest of the current season. The great part about TV shows on Netflix is that you can often find stuff that is on cable TV without having cable TV. One of the ones that I have enjoyed greatly recently has been White Collar.

So it is the same basic story we have seen before, but it’s the actors that make it work. A con-man in jail is released into the custody of an enforcement officer or agent. In this case an FBI agent. The con-man in this instance is Neil Caffrey played by Matt Bomer, and the FBI Agent is Peter Burke played by Tim DeKay. These two have great chemistry on screen and the overarching story takes all of the first two seasons before it comes to a conclusion. I must say as well that there was a few times where they had some episode cliff hangers that had me second guessing my thoughts as to what was going on.

Ultimately Neil is in the first episode trying to find what happened to the girl he loved she had reappeared while he was in prison and now seems to be working either willingly or un willingly for some unknown person. All Neil has is a photo of the person’s hand and his trusted mentor Mozzie. Mozzie is one of these characters that many shows currently have where they aren’t pat of the main line of actors, but they make the show, and Willie Garson does just that in his portrayal of the character.

They do a great job of not only moving the story of the girlfriend along but also at the same time stopping other crimes and putting art thieves, counterfeiters, and even some corrupt politicians.You can watch the first 2 season on Netflix streaming and the third season is currently airing on USA. So if you want a good crime drama that’s not all based on TV CSI science give this one a shot it is well worth it.

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